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Inkpad Tattoo Aftercare Pads

Inkpad Tattoo Aftercare Pads

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Introducing Inkpad, the ultimate tattoo aftercare wrap that takes care of your ink like no other. Our resealable packs come with 10 pads that protect your fresh tattoo and aid with healing


Inkpad is super easy to use - gently place the pad over your tattoo and tape it on. No mess, no fuss. Plus, our pads are sterile and don't use any yucky adhesives.


We know that the early stages of a tattoo can be sensitive, so Inkpad is specially designed to reduce redness and inflammation. Your tattoo will heal beautifully, and you'll feel comfortable wearing Inkpad all day long.


Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your tattoo aftercare. Choose Inkpad and give your tattoo the love it deserves.

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